About Us

Eng Tool was established on the 7th of May 1990 in line with the economic development of Malaysia. Back then, the Tool and Die industry was very much in its infancy stage with only a few recognized key players. Over the last three decades, not only have we grown in strength, capacity and skill but we have achieved much greater experience and technological prowess which gives us the ability to provide our customers with the necessary services desired.

From our headquarters based in Shah Alam, Eng Tool Sdn Bhd is currently of service to multiple companies nationwide wherein we create value for our clients as well as the growing needs of the manufacturing industry. Our team of dedicated staffs are ever ready to impress prospective customers with our knowledge, skill and expertise in the Tool and Die playing field.


To provide engineering solutions for the manufacturing industry with the best cost possible without compromising quality and delivery.


To be the best engineering solution provider through

Continuous process improvement

On time delivery

Products that meet the specifications of our customers

Quality training

Continuous sales growth

Total customer satisfaction

Company Details

Company Name Eng Tool Sdn Bhd
Registration  Number 197328-A
Date of Incorporation 7th May 1990
Factory Address No 6 & 8 , Jalan Penghulu  U1/74,

Taman Perindustrian Batu Tiga,

40150 Shah Alam , Selangor D.E

Telephone +603-5510 0601 / +603-5510 0069
Fax +603-5510 3334
Email enquiries@engtool.com.my
Equity Structure 100% Malaysian / Non Bumiputra
Authorized Capital RM 500,000.00
Paid Up Capital RM 500,000.00
No. of Employees  30+

Nature of Business

ENGTOOL SDN BHD has extensive experience and knowledge in the Tool & Die industry. In the beginning, our business was focused on the manufacture of watches and electronic assembly parts. Over the last 30 years, we have further enhanced our versatility into various other industries spanning from telecommunication, plantation and the Oil and Gas industries.


We are well equipped to be of service to any industry as we have improved our facilities, equipment and machinery. Our core services are:



  • Tooling parts
  • Customised parts
  • Semi-conductor chip trays
  • Semi and High Precision Parts
  • Design and Fabrication of Production Line Jigs & Fixtures


Batch Production

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling


Design & Consultation

  • Prototyping
  • Autodesk’s AutoCAD designing
  • Simple Automation on existing products or new concepts
  • Consultation on Parts, Jigs & Fixture Designs

Our Strengths

Highly specialized in producing custom made parts & tools for our customers with or without drawings

More than 20 years experience in all aspects of project management on manufacturing from moulding and casting right up to finished products

Highly skilled workers who have the customer’s needs in mind. We are able to produce precision parts with efficiency and within specified tolerances.

Financially Strong – which enables us to take on jobs which require a reasonable amount of funding.

Team of sales and services engineers who are readily able to service our esteemed customers.

Extremely reliable in quality, cost and delivery. We pride ourselves on this